Palm Sunday Peace Procession
Amritsar, 24 March

Last year it was 7000 people walking 7 kilometers and this year a 1000 more joined the walk. Different Christian denominations such as the CNI, the Salvation Army, the Methodist Church, and various other independent churches participated in the Palm Sunday Peace Procession in Amritsar.

The day began with a combined worship service at the Salvation Army headquarters The General Secretary of the Church of North India, Mr. Alwan Masih, was the speaker of the day. He spoke on the importance of the day and encouraged the congregation to be a witness as one Christian community. The procession commenced after the worship service. Eagerly waiting since a year, men, women and children proudly walked on the road with colourful banners, flags and palm leaves through the streets of Amritsar. More and more people joined during the procession. Some walked and some joined with tractors from the surrounding villages. Vehicles were decorated with palm leaves and banners. There was a lot of enthusiastic singing led by the Diocesan Office choir. Prayers were offered at major traffic intersections and other key locations for peace and justice in the city. The local congregations organized refreshment stalls for the people at different spots. The procession concluded at St. Paul's Church with a fellowship lunch.

The Palm Sunday Peace procession is a symbol of sharing the love of God. It also represents unity among the Christian community in Amritsar. It has strengthened the people in their faith and has given them a greater sense of belongingness to each other. It has also provided a great opportunity for the urban and rural congregations to interact with each other while celebrating this historical event of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Rev. Dn. Vijay Kumar