Kid sport stars of Amritsar Diocese shine


Ajnala, April 13


Over 500 people gathered to cheer their village children on Sports Day. Boys and girls from age 6 to 13 from eight Diocese of Amritsar Education Centres competed in Kho- kho (girls) and Kabbaddi (boys) matches.

Mr. Daniel B. Das, Coordinator of Socio Economic Development Programme and Rev. Mrs. Lily Samantaroy, Administrator of Diocese of Amritsar (DOA) blessed the students. The children were also happy to pose for photographs for Smaraki Samantaroy, Youth President, DOA.

Mr. Natha Singh, Ex- Sarpanch of village Dhuryan said that everyone should cooperate with whoever organizes such activities for the society regardless of religion and caste. He also spoke against female feticide and congratulated the girls playing kho-kho for doing well. He thanked the Diocese for organizing such a sports event in their village.

"There is a lot of talent in rural India. It is important to identify it. Given a chance, not only these children would bring glory to their village but also pride to the country”, said Mr. Om Prakash, Project In-charge who also was the referee for the matches.

The commentator was especially excited wondering if this event would give birth to a P.T.Usha or a Vijendra Singh.

It was a big event for all surrounding villages.Nobody was busy working in the fields.  Everyone was there to enjoy and encourage the young athletes.