Kashmir Floods

Jammu & Kashmir was hit by the worst flood of the century on 6th September 2014 due to incessant rain which has triggered massive landslides and submerged hundreds of villages. Road connection to Srinagar was cut off for many weeks as most of the bridges were washed away. Countless people are feared dead. The flood has caused extensive damage to thousands of houses, livestock, water supply, livelihood, telecommunications and road accessibility hampering relief & rescue operations.

The churches and institutions of the Diocese of Amritsar such as All Saints Church and Tyndale Biscoe & Mallinson Schools in Srinagar and John Bishop Memorial Hospital, Anantnag were badly affected. Houses of most Christian families are unapproachable due to flooding. House of most Christian families were badly damaged due to flooding and most of their belongings were destroyed as water level remained high for many days.

Though our families themselves suffered great loss yet they went out help other people in need. It may take little time before we are able to assess the actual loss the people have suffered. Many from the clergy and other staff of the Diocese including Bishop Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy went to Kashmir to be with the people in the time of the struggle. The Diocese of Amritsar is thankful to all who responded in the time of need for the community affected with flood by showing their Love in Action for the relief and rehabilitation initiative.Department of Communication Diocese of Amritsar