The Diamond Jubilee is a time for thanking God for each and every day in the life of the Diocese in the past 60 years. At this time we remember all those who have been associated with the Diocese of Amritsar and thank God for their contribution that has saved and sustained the Diocese. It is a time to take a pause after a long journey and to see where we stand today. It is a time to celebrate our achievements in terms of its impact on the society and taking stock of our successes in terms of the growth and development of the Christian community in particular and the society at large. It is an opportunity to understand why we failed on certain fronts and see what lessons we learned from it. It is an occasion for Planning, Strategizing and Resourcing for our future journey involving actions, programs and projects.

It is significant for the people to come together for fellowship and reflection to find where there is a disconnect, acknowledging it in all humility and recognizing the need to relate to each other in an intimate manner.

It is well known that issues pertaining to Dissentions and Property and other disputes have adversely affected our growth. Jubilee is a time to look beyond our mundane affairs and dream a dream and envisioning a spiritually strong, administratively sound, financially self- reliant and a missionary Diocese.

At this juncture we would like to thank our Partner Churches who have journeyed with us and supported us through their prayers and shared their resources.

We welcome and salute all those who have taken time off to celebrate with us and pray that you will be blessed.

As we celebrate and acknowledge God’s mercies and praise Him for His steadfastness from 11th to 14th February, 2013, we wish the organizing committee and each and every member of the Amritsar Diocese success in their endeavour.

We wish and pray that the Diocese of Amritsar will continue to serve the society in the true spirit of faithfulness and compassion.

Rt. Rev. Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy
Bishop of Amritsar


Vision of Diocese of Amritsar

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