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The aim of our website is to share our views, experiences and concerns with the whole people of God seeking partnership in mission. Your visit to our website is highly appreciated. May God bless you !!
Bishop P.K. Samantaroy

The Diocese of Amritsar has its roots in the Lahore Diocese comprising of the undivided Punjab stretching from Lahore to Delhi. Punjab was not merely a political state, but a bio-region of five rivers (Punj-aab means teh land of Five rivers). As a result of partition after India's independence, the Amritsar Diocese was established in the year 1953.

On 29th November 1970, six churches joined together to form a united church called Church of North India. Later in 1974, the Diocese of Chandigarh was carved out of the Diocese of Amritsar. At present, the Diocese of Amritsar covers an area apreading along Indo-Pak and Sino-Indian borders comprising the State of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and part of Punjab.

Vision of Diocese of Amritsar
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